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TriStar Skyline Medical Center

Above All Else

Above all else, we are committed to the care and improvement of human life.

Watch our employee, physician and patient stories to see how TriStar Skyline has made an impact on their life and learn their healthcare journey.

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  • Chris Martin


    Chris Martin, respiratory therapist, is humbled that patients thank him for helping them breathe. He recalls giving CPR to a 27-year-old for hours and says it's crazy to think how much of a difference he can make on someone's life.

  • Steve Otto


    Steve Otto, CEO, shares how everything we do at TriStar Skyline incorporates the best interests of the patient. He notes that our staff take very seriously the responsibility of treating the patient and their entire family - and do a great job by providing that holistic care.

  • Michele Birdsong

    diagnostic imaging


    Michele Birdsong, employee advisory group chair, says she's been at TriStar Skyline for 25 years and will stay as long as they let her. She believes the culture comes from the top down and if administration takes great care of the staff, the staff will take great care of the patients.

  • Dr. R. Jason Thurman



    Dr. R. Jason Thurman, chief medical officer, reflects on wanting to pursue a music-related career path when he was younger. Now, he relates a trauma center like working with a well-conducted orchestra.

  • Tony Pirtle



    Tony Pirtle, same day surgery clinical coordinator, and his team go above and beyond to ensure patients and their loved ones feel right at home - even by planning a wedding anniversary party.

  • Rainetta Dotson


    Rainetta Dotson makes her patients feel like they're right at home by ensuring that their room is clean and that the patient feels comfortable. She may not know the patients personally, but she loves each one like family.

  • Sherrie Jackson


    Sherrie Jackson made a special connection with one of her patients - a fellow Cleveland Browns fan - and how that patient made an impact on her career.

  • Laurie Turner


    Laurie Turner, chief nursing officer at TriStar Skyline, shares how the facility embraces new graduates and how our preceptors show patient-centered care.

  • Angela Smith


    Angela Smith shares her connect to purpose story and why she knew at seven years old that she wanted to pursue nursing.

  • Dr. Ben Heavrin

    er , trauma


    Dr. Ben Heavrin, ER medical director at TriStar Skyline, is a fourth generation physician in his family. Hear what he loves about working at a trauma center and how he envisions our program growing.

  • Linda Hall



    Linda Hall was a rehabilitation patient at TriStar Skyline for a back-neck fusion. Hear Linda's story on how much of an impact our rehab team had on her teaching her how to walk again - and how much of an impact she had on us!