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Above All Else

  • Nicole "Shea" Spainhoward

    er , trauma


    Nicole Spainhoward, ER nurse, shares an experience where she and a nurse she was training, saved a 29-year-old's life by advocating that the patient be admitted after discovering a heart abnormality.

  • Kenneth Hatzakorzian

    er , trauma


    As Father's Day approaches, we celebrate all fathers. Kenneth Hatzakorzian and his daughter, Becky, share their story and thank TriStar Skyline for all that they did for him.

  • Dr. Ben Heavrin

    er , trauma


    Dr. Ben Heavrin, ER medical director at TriStar Skyline, is a fourth generation physician in his family. Hear what he loves about working at a trauma center and how he envisions our program growing.