• Darrell Hunt


    Above all else, we are committed to the care and improvement of human life. Dr. Darrell Hunt explains the services provided in the Trauma program at TriStar Skyline Medical Center, and his approach to caring for patients who end up in his care.

  • Skyline Family


    We are Family. TriStar Skyline is a special place to work, where family members follow one another to be part of the amazing culture fostered within the walls of a busy medical center. From husbands and wives, to mothers and sons, to grandmothers and daughters and granddaughters, TriStar Skyline is a place where families love working together to Care Like Family.

  • Shelbi Maynard


    Above all else, we are committed to the care and improvement of human life. TriStar Skline Medical Center nurse Shelbi Maynard shares what she loves about working as an ER Trauma Nurse and what it's like to work in this special nursing role.

  • Tiffany Barnett


    Above all else, we are committed to the care and improvement of human life. Skyline Medical Center Nurse Tiffany Barnett shares what it's like to be a Trauma ICU Nurse and what she loves most about caring for her patients in her role.

  • Annie Crook


    Above all else, we are committed to the care and improvement of human life. Annie Crook, RN, Emergency Department Liaison, knew as a junior in high school that she belonged in healthcare. She shares how patient care and quality are number one at TriStar Skyline.

  • Eddie Lawson

    er , trauma


    Above All Else, we are committed to the care and improvement of human life. The New Year is a time to reflect on our blessings and look forward to the future. Patient Eddie Lawson, Kentucky Sheriff's Officer, recalls being wounded in line of duty. He shares how TriStar Skyline had his best interest and how blessed he feels for the care he received.

  • Cody Scribner


    Cody Scribner, RN, shares that TriStar Skyline is a special place for him because it saved his father's life. He explains how that experience shaped his desire to go into the nursing profession to make a different for his patients.

  • Steve Otto


    Steve Otto, CEO, notes that eighty-five percent of our patients come to us emergently. He shares how we "stand ready" for our patients and the plans for an upcoming bed expansion project that will help us do what we do very well for more patients.

  • Jim Horn


    Jim Horn, virtual sitter, has been a nurse for 39 years. He loves seeing patients that he thought would not walk out of the unit come back and visit staff.

  • Diane Slate


    Diane Slate, outpatient surgery receptionist, loves the family atmosphere at TriStar Skyline. She has worked at the hospital for 39 years and visitors will come in years later and remember her.

  • Mark Fisher



    Mark Fisher, chief operating officer at TriStar Skyline Madison, believes there is a real need for behavioral health resources in Middle Tennessee and that employees have compassion for making sure that patients are treated with a different kind of respect.

  • Paula Gomez



    Paula Gomez, executive assistant, applauds the family atmosphere at TriStar Skyline and shares how the bonds of employees move you forward and build you up. She says she is in "amazement" when she sees our nurses in action and takes pride in the compassion the team exhibits for our patients.

  • Bev Rawlins


    Bev Rawlins, resource pool nurse, believes her job is calling and believes her empathy comes from everything she's gone through. No one wants to come to a hospital - and she gives loved ones the peace of mind that their family member is being taken care of.

  • Greg McCoy


    Greg McCoy, CT tech, bonded with a patient that had recently been diagnosed with cancer after his mother had passed away. He believes healthcare is the best way for him to give back.

  • Wendy Gaddis


    Wendy Gaddis, sepsis coordinator, reflects on an experience where the patient had passed away and how her focus shifted to taking care of the loved ones. She believes nursing is providing holistic care and taking care of team members.

  • Megan Koppenhoefer


    Megan Koppenhoefer, director of rehabilitation services, believes that the main component of success in our rehab program is the people.

  • Carla Haynes


    Carla Haynes, house supervisor, enjoys connecting with our patients and getting to know them on a personal level.

  • Dorcas Churchill


    Dorcas Churchill, fourth floor director, chose to be a nurse after her uncle had a heart attack at 42, and she knew she could make a difference in lives so patients won't have to live in fear. She believes if she shows her staff and patients that she cares, they will show it back to her.

  • Nicole "Shea" Spainhoward

    er , trauma


    Nicole Spainhoward, ER nurse, shares an experience where she and a nurse she was training, saved a 29-year-old's life by advocating that the patient be admitted after discovering a heart abnormality.

  • Steve Otto


    Steve Otto, CEO, shares how technology continues to evolve and improve. At TriStar Skyline, we continue to reinvest in our facility to deliver the most cutting edge technology to bring back to the bedside and improve the care we provide to our patients.

  • Stacia Booker


    Stacia Booker, adolescent behavioral health counselor, is passionate about her patients and lighting their world up. She and her coworkers created a clothing closet and a library to make kids feel safe and like they're at home.

  • Kenneth Hatzakorzian

    er , trauma


    As Father's Day approaches, we celebrate all fathers. Kenneth Hatzakorzian and his daughter, Becky, share their story and thank TriStar Skyline for all that they did for him.

  • Jeffrey Lanning


    Jeffrey Lanning, physical therapy assistant, establishes trust with his patients and helps them take baby steps to get where they can walk again.

  • Allan Atmore


    Allan Atmore, security supervisor, shares a "wow moment," leading a patient and 14 team members in prayer. It completely changed the tone of the patient's healthcare journey and he believes this is just one example of what makes TriStar Skyline genuine.

  • Steve Otto


    TriStar Skyline celebrates the 43rd Annual National EMS Week and we applaud our EMS partners for their important contributions in safeguarding the health, safety and wellbeing of the communities we serve. Steve Otto, CEO, discusses this important relationship along with an emphasis on servant leadership and the importance of creating a work environment where we can take the best care of patients.

  • Kathy Kopka

    cardiology , trauma


    Kathy Kopka, administrative director of clinical operations, shares how TriStar Skyline works together as a team and starts off each day by reflecting on our mission and values.

  • Cathy Botts


    As Mother's Day approaches, we celebrate all mothers. Cathy Botts, mother of two, shares her story of the time she spent as a patient at TriStar Skyline. As with over 85-percent of TriStar Skyline patients, Cathy came through the emergency room. She emphasizes how important it is to make patients feel like humans. She said she never felt like a number when she was at Skyline and reflects that she has good memories of her time spent at the hospital.

  • Carol Knap



    Carol Knap, seventh floor director, ensures that her team takes care of the patient in totality - not just physical needs. Her patients become part of her life and she is touched by those she was able to spend their last moments with.

  • Chris Martin


    Chris Martin, respiratory therapist, is humbled that patients thank him for helping them breathe. He recalls giving CPR to a 27-year-old for hours and says it's crazy to think how much of a difference he can make on someone's life.

  • Steve Otto


    Steve Otto, CEO, shares how everything we do at TriStar Skyline incorporates the best interests of the patient. He notes that our staff take very seriously the responsibility of treating the patient and their entire family - and do a great job by providing that holistic care.

  • Michele Birdsong

    diagnostic imaging


    Michele Birdsong, employee advisory group chair, says she's been at TriStar Skyline for 25 years and will stay as long as they let her. She believes the culture comes from the top down and if administration takes great care of the staff, the staff will take great care of the patients.

  • Dr. R. Jason Thurman



    Dr. R. Jason Thurman, chief medical officer, reflects on wanting to pursue a music-related career path when he was younger. Now, he relates a trauma center like working with a well-conducted orchestra.

  • Tony Pirtle



    Tony Pirtle, same day surgery clinical coordinator, and his team go above and beyond to ensure patients and their loved ones feel right at home - even by planning a wedding anniversary party.

  • Rainetta Dotson


    Rainetta Dotson makes her patients feel like they're right at home by ensuring that their room is clean and that the patient feels comfortable. She may not know the patients personally, but she loves each one like family.

  • Sherrie Jackson


    Sherrie Jackson made a special connection with one of her patients - a fellow Cleveland Browns fan - and how that patient made an impact on her career.

  • Laurie Turner


    Laurie Turner, chief nursing officer at TriStar Skyline, shares how the facility embraces new graduates and how our preceptors show patient-centered care.

  • Angela Smith


    Angela Smith shares her connect to purpose story and why she knew at seven years old that she wanted to pursue nursing.

  • Dr. Ben Heavrin

    er , trauma


    Dr. Ben Heavrin, ER medical director at TriStar Skyline, is a fourth generation physician in his family. Hear what he loves about working at a trauma center and how he envisions our program growing.

  • Linda Hall



    Linda Hall was a rehabilitation patient at TriStar Skyline for a back-neck fusion. Hear Linda's story on how much of an impact our rehab team had on her teaching her how to walk again - and how much of an impact she had on us!