• Eddie Lawson

    er , trauma


    Above All Else, we are committed to the care and improvement of human life. The New Year is a time to reflect on our blessings and look forward to the future. Patient Eddie Lawson, Kentucky Sheriff's Officer, recalls being wounded in line of duty. He shares how TriStar Skyline had his best interest and how blessed he feels for the care he received.

  • Nicole "Shea" Spainhoward

    er , trauma


    Nicole Spainhoward, ER nurse, shares an experience where she and a nurse she was training, saved a 29-year-old's life by advocating that the patient be admitted after discovering a heart abnormality.

  • Kenneth Hatzakorzian

    er , trauma


    As Father's Day approaches, we celebrate all fathers. Kenneth Hatzakorzian and his daughter, Becky, share their story and thank TriStar Skyline for all that they did for him.

  • Kathy Kopka

    cardiology , trauma


    Kathy Kopka, administrative director of clinical operations, shares how TriStar Skyline works together as a team and starts off each day by reflecting on our mission and values.

  • Dr. R. Jason Thurman



    Dr. R. Jason Thurman, chief medical officer, reflects on wanting to pursue a music-related career path when he was younger. Now, he relates a trauma center like working with a well-conducted orchestra.

  • Dr. Ben Heavrin

    er , trauma


    Dr. Ben Heavrin, ER medical director at TriStar Skyline, is a fourth generation physician in his family. Hear what he loves about working at a trauma center and how he envisions our program growing.